Teleseismic-Seismic Monitoring At Coso Geothermal Area (1980)

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Exploration Activity: Teleseismic-Seismic Monitoring At Coso Geothermal Area (1980)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Coso Geothermal Area
Exploration Technique Teleseismic-Seismic Monitoring
Activity Date 1980
Usefulness useful
DOE-funding Unknown

Exploration Basis
Determine extent of low velocity body
An area showing approximately 0.2-s excess travel time that migrates with changing source azimuth, suggesting that the area is the 'delay shadow' produced by a deep, low-velocity body. Inversion of the relative residual data for three-dimensional velocity structure determines the lateral variations in velocity to a depth of 22.5 km beneath the array. An intense low-velocity body, which coincides with the surface expressions of late Pleistocene rhyolitic volcanism, high heat flow, and hydrothermal activity, is resolved between 5- and 20-km depth. It has a maximum velocity contrast of over 8% between 10 and 17.5 km. The shallowest part of this body is centered below the region of highest heat flow and at depth it is elongate in approximately the N-S direction.


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