Te Mihi Power Station

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Development Project: Te Mihi Power Station

Project Location Information
Coordinates -38.6169°, 176.0433° Show Map
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Location North of Taupo, New Zealand
County Taupo, New Zealand
Geothermal Area Wairakei-Poihipi Geothermal Area
Geothermal Region Taupo Volcanic Zone
Geothermal Project Profile
Developer Contact Energy
Project Type Conventional Hydrothermal Expansion
GEA Development Phase Phase IV - Resource Production and Power Plant Construction
Planned Capacity (MW) 166
166 MW
166,000 kW
166,000,000 W
166,000,000,000 mW
0.166 GW
GEA Report Date
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  1. http://www.contactenergy.co.nz/web/ourprojects/temihi