Tanzania Energy Development and Access Expansion Project

From Open Energy Information

The objective of the Energy Development and Access Expansion Project of Tanzania is to improve the quality and efficiency of the electricity service provision in the three main growth centers of Dar es Salaam, Arusha, and Kilimanjaro and to establish a sustainable basis for energy access expansion. The project is consistent with the latest Joint Assistance Strategy (2007-2010) by specifically supporting the goals of the Government's National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty - MKUKUTA. The project will consist of the following three components: (i) a grid component focusing on urgent investments in Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO)'s transmission and distribution network; (ii) an off-grid component to support an institutional set-up for the newly established Rural Energy Agency (REA) and to develop and test new off-grid electrification approaches for future scale-up; and (iii) a technical assistance component.


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