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An issue was reported on this page. On page load, the results yielded: #arrayprint:refQuery

This was caused by a recent edit to the page, which included new conditional statements for including data attributes related to hydropower subtypes

The trigger was that new pages were added to the Roadmap library, causing the size of the array that renders results to grow.

The larger array meant that more semantic mediawiki operations were occurring, especially with nested #ifeq and #len functions. This caused the page to perform more operations than are allowed by semantic mediawiki.

The solution was to remove the conditional statement. It was in place to only add the data attribute for hydropower subtypes if the argument was true, to avoid empty data attributes. however, since this was causing the error, the conditional statement was removed, so now all hydropower results will have a data attribute related to subtype (data-hydro-type), which will be populated for the few results that do have a truthy state for this argument and an empty data attribute for all other hydropower results.