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RAPID Toolkit Documentation

I am introducing a conceptual method for documentation of the architecture and pages for the RAPID Toolkit. This is for OpenEI wiki admins to track and discuss how complex parts of the RAPID Toolkit are connected and operate, for future reference.

Let's try to leverage the MediaWiki Talk: namespace for this documentation. Any page on MediaWiki has an associated talk/discussion page that can be accessed by using the Talk namespace. For example, RAPID is the main page and Talk:RAPID is the proposed documentation page which would be associated with that page.

To make this easier for wiki Admins, I'm modifying a RAPID widget that will add a documentation option to the OpenEI menu. This widget is Widget:RAPID-Format-Assist. This widget also includes logic that only displays the Categories box for admin users, these users are hardcoded. For now, we'll just add the documentation option for these users.

Also, let's add the magic word to each documentation page to prevent it from being crawled by search engine bots.