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TNAssess is an Excel-based tool that assesses the climate change mitigation, adaptation and development benefits of various technology options using a multi-criteria framework at the national level.

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This tool is included in the Development Impacts Assessment (DIA) Toolkit from the LEDS Global Partnership.


TNAssess is an interactive tool which guides the user through the necessary steps of a Technology Needs Assessment as detailed in the “Handbook for Conducting Technology Needs Assessment for Climate Change,” available in the same website. The tool prioritises technology options with the highest combined climate and development benefits.

When to Use This Tool

This tool is most useful for development impacts assessments focused on:

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Learn more about the topics for assessing the impacts of low-emission development strategies (LEDS).

Key Outputs

TNAssess prioritization process works in two stages:

  1. The prioritization and selection of subsectors.
  2. The prioritization and selection of portfolios of technologies within the high priority subsectors

How to Use This Tool

Training Available
A training session (half-day) plus a trial run by the user (half-day) is advised.

Level of Expertise

Key Inputs

Development priorities, prioritized sectors and subsectors, technology identification


Technology Needs Assessments (TNA) Handbook (2010)