Systellar Innovations

From Open Energy Information

Systellar Innovations, is a technology firm by IIT-ians with core focus on offering affordable Solar power to Indian consumers. We genuinely believe that the time has come when Solar energy can become a mainstream power source.

In our Research & Development lab, we develop Solar products which are efficient, affordable and designed for Indian conditions. Our product range comprises of both Solar PV and Solar thermal products.

Our customers rely on our domain expertise and customer focus to confidently embrace this free, abundant, clean, and hassle free energy source into their daily lives. Our product range includes:

• MPPT & PWM Solar charge controllers ([1]) • Solar Power plant up to 100KW • Solar pump systems up to 15HP for irrigation purpose • Solar street lights up to 25W with panel dirty warning

We install, maintain and service Solar energy solutions for our customers in West UP region and distribute these products across North India.

Come explore the rewarding and endless potential of Solar energy with us!

== Vision == To become a significant player in the field of Renewable Energy in India

== Mission == To provide customers easy access to affordable and appropriate Solar energy products