Sustainable Development Strategy for South Asia

From Open Energy Information


"This document is expected to provide the strategic direction for the pursuit of sustainable development in the SAS. It is important to note that this document addresses the issues at the sub-regional level, building upon national level issues and policies but particularly addressing those transcending and common to the countries in the SAS. It is expected that the document will be used by policy makers in the SAS countries as well as the officers and decision makers in the regional and international organizations active in the development process of the SAS. It is hoped that the various ideas and proposals made in this document are taken up by the concerned officials and policy/decision-makers for necessary follow-up and implementation in order to realize the vision of sustainable development in SAS. As this document builds on the respective national sustainable development strategies (NSDS), it provides an opportunity to compare the regional priorities with respective NSDS and possibly make necessary adjustments in the national policies to be consistent with sub-regional objectives"