Supporting Small Forest Enterprises: A Facilitator's Toolkit

From Open Energy Information


"The goal of this toolkit is to help supporters of small and medium forest enterprises (SMFEs) do their job better. It targets what we call ‘facilitators’ both at the international level (e.g. donors) but especially at the national level (e.g. government extension services and NGOs) – but N.B. is not written for enterprises themselves.

The toolkit is arranged in a series of self-explanatory modules (or tools), each of which provides step by step guidance for a different element of SMFE support. There is inevitably some overlap between the modules (or tools). Nevertheless, the toolkit follows a logical progression beginning with broad international considerations on setting up capacity building programmes for SMFE support (primarily aimed at donors), then moving to considerations of national level planning and capacity building, before providing more hands on advice for direct facilitation activities. The idea is that practitioners at whatever level will dip into bits that catch their eye – but that people completely unfamiliar with enterprise support will be able to read through the toolkit in a logical way and hopefully be wiser for it!"


  1.  "SMFE Toolkit"