Supporting International Mitigation and MRV activities

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Program Overview

In the framework of the Petersberg Climate Dialogue in May 2010 in Bonn/Germany, South Africa, South Korea and Germany launched the International Partnership on Mitigation and MRV. The overall aim of the Partnership is to support a practical exchange on mitigation-related activities and MRV between developing and developed countries in order to help close the global ambition gap.

The Partnership is comprised of approximately 40 members, more than half of which are developing countries. The International Partnership on Mitigation and MRV has no formal character and is open to new members. Any country with an ambitious or upcoming climate agenda is very welcome to join.

The project supports capacity building for members of the International Partnership for Mitigation and MRV. BMU partner countries that are part of the partnership receive refined information on mitigation strategies (Low Carbon Development Strategies - LCDS), Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMA) and concepts for the measurement, reporting and verification (measurable, reportable and verifiable – MRV) with a special focus on implementing instruments and experiences as well as on methods and knowledge-based products on LCDS, NAMAs and MRV. The project activities include an inventory of all mitigation projects in the field of LCDS/NAMA/MRV, knowledge management, the analysis and documentation of successful methods and instruments as well as their distribution via newsletter and website and the support and organisation of measures for capacity building.


  1.  "International Partnership on Mitigation and MRV"