Study Of Heat Conduction Models Of Geothermal Energy Reservoirs

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Journal Article: Study Of Heat Conduction Models Of Geothermal Energy Reservoirs

Temperature anomalies in a rock formation are considered as direct evidence of the existence of geothermal reservoirs. Prospecting for geothermal energy by measurement of the temperature gradient in the rock formation overlying a geothermal reservoir could, theoretically, be effective. Thermal conduction models of different presumed geothermal reservoir shapes are discussed. A geothermal reservoir is considered to be a constant hot body overlain by physically uniform rock formations. The temperature distribution and conduction heat flow in the overlying formation could be expressed theoretically with the equation: Temperature distribution in the overlying rock formation may be represented by the surfaces of constant temperature whose shapes are closely related to the shape of the hot body. A constant temperature surface resembles more closely the shape of the hot body the nearer it is to the hot body. The shape of temperature curves at equal depth in a vertical cross-section reflects also the depth, shape and size of the geothermal energy reservoir. The differences in material and inflow of ground water in the overlying formation would seriously affect the temperature distribution, the shape of the constant temperature surfaces, and the shape of the temperature curve for the equal depths, consequently making them differ from the presumed models.

C. Y. Meng and P. T. Shaw

Published Journal 
Geothermics, 1970



C. Y. Meng,P. T. Shaw. 1970. Study Of Heat Conduction Models Of Geothermal Energy Reservoirs. Geothermics. (!) .