Stress in Geothermal Systems

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Conference Paper: Stress in Geothermal Systems

This paper analyzes the components of stress in geothermal systems. Previous work has shown that geothermal systems often have a stress orientation different from the regional direction and that the orientation of the stress components may change within an individual well. Decoupling of the stress within a geothermal system from the regional stress appears to take place along faults that are inherently weak due to the presence of geothermal fluids. Variations in stress within a system could result from local stress due to fluid pressure, temperatures or volcanic processes or to bend of stress lines around active faults. Analysis of data from the Baca geothermal system demonstrates that temperature variations are the principal cause of stress variations.

D. L. Nielson

GRC Annual Meeting; Santa Rosa, California; 1989/10/01

Geothermal Resources Council, 1989

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D. L. Nielson. 1989. Stress in Geothermal Systems. In: GRC Transactions. GRC Annual Meeting; 1989/10/01; Santa Rosa, California. Davis, California: Geothermal Resources Council; p. 271-276