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Area Overview

Geothermal Area Profile

Location: Nevada

Exploration Region: Northwest Basin and Range Geothermal Region

GEA Development Phase: Operational
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Coordinates: 39.5167°, -118.5517°

Resource Estimate

Mean Reservoir Temp: 174°C
447.15 K
345.2 °F
804.87 °R

Estimated Reservoir Volume: 5.67 km³
5,670,000,000 m³
1.36 mi³
200,234,160,308.07 ft³
7,416,080,009.73 yd³
5,670,000,000,000 L

Mean Capacity: 47.2 MW
47,200 kW
47,200,000 W
47,200,000,000 mW
0.0472 GW
4.72e-5 TW

USGS Mean Reservoir Temp: 160°C
433.15 K
320 °F
779.67 °R

USGS Estimated Reservoir Volume: 7 km³ [3]

USGS Mean Capacity: 57 MW [3]

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History and Infrastructure

Operating Power Plants: 1

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Developing Power Projects: 0

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Power Production Profile

Gross Production Capacity:

Net Production Capacity:

Owners  :
  • Enel NA

Power Purchasers :

Other Uses:

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Regulatory and Environmental Issues

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Exploration History

First Discovery Well

Completion Date:

Well Name:



Initial Flow Rate:

Flow Test Comment:

Initial Temperature:

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Well Field Description

Well Field Information

Development Area:

Number of Production Wells:

Number of Injection Wells:

Number of Replacement Wells:

Average Temperature of Geofluid: 160°C
433.15 K
320 °F
779.67 °R

Sanyal Classification (Wellhead): Low Temperature

Reservoir Temp (Geothermometry):

Reservoir Temp (Measured): 204°C
477.15 K
399.2 °F
858.87 °R

Sanyal Classification (Reservoir): Moderate Temperature

Depth to Top of Reservoir: 305m
0.305 km
0.19 mi
1,000.656 ft
333.551 yd

Depth to Bottom of Reservoir: 915m
0.915 km
0.569 mi
3,001.969 ft
1,000.653 yd

Average Depth to Reservoir: 610m
0.61 km
0.379 mi
2,001.312 ft
667.102 yd

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Geology of the Area

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The Stillwater geothermal area is underlain by a section of poorly consolidated to unconsolidated fine-grained sediments of Quaternary age in which the bulk of Stillwater’s production occurs from a poorly consolidated sandstone referred to as the Production Sand. The sediments of Quaternary age overlie a section of poorly consolidated sedimentary rocks with interbedded basalt flows of Tertiary age. The Quaternary section consists mainly of clays, silts and some sands. The rocks in the Tertiary section consist mostly of fine grained sandstones, silty shales and soft clays. Within the Tertiary section there are discontinuous basalt flows up to 450 feet thick. Sedimentary units of both Quaternary and Tertiary ages were deposited in a lacustrine environment. In the Stillwater production area the Production Sand is at a depth of 1,500 feet or less and has been silicified by deposition of silica from geothermal fluids. It is laterally extensive but overall has limited primary permeability. Permeability of the Production Sand in the area of the production and injection wells has been enhanced by fracturing along a fault zone which strikes roughly north-south. The fault zone also provides a vertical conduit which provides a small portion (probably less than 200 gpm) of deep recharge to the Production Sand in the immediate area of the production wells.[4]

Geofluid Geochemistry


Salinity (low):

Salinity (high):

Salinity (average):

Brine Constituents:

Water Resistivity:

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