Status And Outlook Of Geothermal Energy In Jordan

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Journal Article: Status And Outlook Of Geothermal Energy In Jordan

An updated assessment of geothermal energy sources in Jordan and the prospects for their future utilization are presented. Furthermore, a development strategy for geothermal energy in the country is proposed. The results show that Jordan has enormous underground energy resources in many parts of the country in the form of thermal underground hot water (wells and thermal springs), having a temperature ranging from 20°C to 62°C. It was also found that the installed capacity of geothermal energy is 153.3 MWt and the annual energy supply potential is 1540 TJ/year in the form of domestic hot water for bathing and swimming, giving an overall capacity factor of 0.42. Possible future applications of geothermal energy were found to be absorption refrigeration to preserve fruit and vegetables or freeze fish and meat, as well as fish farming and greenhouse heating.

Eyad S. Hrayshat

Published Journal 
Energy for Sustainable Development, 2009



Eyad S. Hrayshat. 2009. Status And Outlook Of Geothermal Energy In Jordan. Energy for Sustainable Development. (!) .