Status And Outlook Of China'S Free-Carbon Electricity

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Journal Article: Status And Outlook Of China'S Free-Carbon Electricity

Global warming, increased energy demand, and tremendous air pollution are forcing China to revise its energy structure of electricity generation dominated by coal (80% of total electricity) towards low-carbon electricity. Vigorous development of carbon-free energy resources of electricity is a practical way towards low-carbon electricity in China. In this paper, we shall outline renewable power generation (hydropower, wind power, solar energy, biomass energy, nuclear power, ocean energy and geothermal) together with nuclear power for China, present a reserves assessment, the current status, and barriers for further development, and finish with an outlook towards the future. In our view, China has plenty of free-carbon energy resources to revolutionize its electricity structure and redirect it towards low-carbon electricity systems. Needed are the effective energy policies to get to the way.

Qiang Wang and Yong Chen

Published Journal 
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Date Not Provided



Qiang Wang,Yong Chen. . Status And Outlook Of China'S Free-Carbon Electricity. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. (!) .