Static Temperature Survey At Molokai Area (Thomas, 1986)

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Exploration Activity: Static Temperature Survey At Molokai Area (Thomas, 1986)

Exploration Activity Details
Location Molokai Area
Exploration Technique Static Temperature Survey
Activity Date
Usefulness useful
DOE-funding Unknown

Due to the very small potential market on the island of Molokai for geothermal energy, only a limited effort was made to confirm a resource in the identified PGRA. An attempt was made to locate the (now abandoned) water well that was reported to have encountered warm saline fluids. The well was located but had caved in above the water table and thus no water sampling was possible. Temperature measurements in the open portion of the well were performed, but no temperatures significantly above ambient were encountered. Several soil samples were also taken from around the well for mercury and mineral analysis; the mercury levels analyzed were well within the normal range for Hawaiian soils and the alteration suite present corresponded to normal weathering processes.


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