Star Lakes and Rivers (Minnesota)

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Last modified on February 12, 2015.

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Place Minnesota

Name Star Lakes and Rivers (Minnesota)
Policy Category Other Policy
Policy Type Siting and Permitting
Affected Technologies Biomass/Biogas, Coal with CCS, Concentrating Solar Power, Energy Storage, Fuel Cells, Geothermal Electric, Hydroelectric, Hydroelectric (Small), Natural Gas, Nuclear, Solar Photovoltaics, Wave Energy, Wind energy
Active Policy Yes
Implementing Sector Local

Program Administrator Minnesota Star Lake Board
Primary Website
Applicable Jurisdiction Opt-in: The Star Lake Board website lists certified Star Lakes:

Last Review 2014-09-15

Information Source


An association organized for the purpose of addressing issues on a specific lake or river, a lake improvement district, or a lake conservation district may apply to the Star Lake Board for designation as a star lake or river. An association applying for Star Lake or River designation must have a lake or river management plan, maintain a membership of at least 50 percent of the private shoreland owners, participate in a water quality monitoring program, work with state agencies and local government units to identify water pollution sources and impairments, promote compliance with adopted shoreland zoning standards and best management practices, and undertake other responsibilities. The designation aims to promote sustainable water management practices and protect water resources, and can lead to greater state funding for improvement and mitigation projects.

Authorities (Please contact the if there are any file problems.)

Authority 1: Minn. Stat. 103B.701-702
Date Effective 2010
Date Enacted 2008