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Instrument Details

Instrument Name: The instrument name is derived automatically from the wiki page. The instrument name can only be changed by moving the page.

Instrument Description A brief narrative description of the device. Consider including what it senses, how it communicates, and intended operating environment.

Abbreviation/Acronym Common abbreviations or acronyms used for the instrument.

Instrument Image (Link) URL (web page) of a device's image. Please use the full address, e.g. http://site.com

Deployment Select all that apply

Operating Environment Select all that apply

Measurement Type Select all that apply

Select the measurement option(s) closest related to the attribute being measured

Measurement Select the best match

Measurement Specifications Add key specifications pertinent to this device.

Version(s) Identify available versions of this device. If the differences between versions are significant, consider creating a new device. Separate multiple versions with commas ( , ).

Communication Protocol Communication protocol(s) used by the device, if applicable. Select all that apply.

Operating Mode Provide operating mode details for the device.

External Input Indicate input channels, other than power and communications, on which this device can receive data (e.g. an input for an external depth sensor)

Power Supply Provide the power supply type.

Power Specification Define in greater detail the power supply requirements and expected energy use of this device.

Mounting Describe how the device is designed to be mounted. This could orientation or mounting hardware, etc.

Manufacturing Company Include the manufacturing company, if applicable.

Instrument/Product Webpage URL of the instrument's web page. Please use the full address, e.g. http://site.com

Specification Webpage URL of the instrument's specification page. Please use the full address, e.g. http://site.com

Software Webpage URL of the instrument's software page. Please use the full address, e.g. http://site.com

Notes Any additional features, accessories, or valuable information about the device not included in other sections.

Related Device(s) Select any instruments or sensors from the database that may connect to this device.
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