Add Marine and Hydrokinetic Technology Project: RAPID/Roadmap/1 (5)

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Project Profile
Project Start Date
Estimated End Date
Project Status
Project City
Project State/Province
Project Country
Project Resource   MHK Project Resources
Project Nearest Body of Water
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Project Footprint(km2)
Project Phase   MHK Project Phases
Project Phase Date
Project Details
Project Installed Capacity (MW)
Permit/License Buildout (MW)
Device Nameplate Capacity (MW)
Was This Project DOE Funded?
Number of Devices Deployed
Number of Build Out Units Deployed
Device Units Sold?
If Yes, Who Bought Them?
Relevant Project Publications
Main Overseeing Organization
Project Technology
Project Timeline and Milestones
Project Licensing
Permit Title
Permit Description
United States Permit
For U.S. Permit
Has the US Preliminary Permit Been Obtained?
US Preliminary Permit Application Date
US Preliminary Permit Issuance Date
US Permit Lease Type
US Permit Lease Status
US Permit Lease Application Date
US Permit Lease Estimated Issuance Date
US Permit Lease Actual Issuance Date
FERC License Docket Number
FERC License
FERC License Application Date
FERC License Issuance Date
For Non-U.S. Permit
Non-US Permit Consent to Deploy
Non-US Permit Application Date
Non-US Permit Issuance Date

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