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Editing RAPID/Roadmap/1 (5)

Project Name 1 (5) Derived automatically from the page name.

Location Information

Location The city and state nearest to the project location.


Geothermal Area


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Geographic coordinates are calculated based on information input to the address fields. If you would prefer, you can de-select Use address and enter a different address or simply click on a new location on the map to select different coordinates.

Project Details

Project Developer Organization(s) developing the geothermal project. Use a semicolon to separate multiple organizations.

Project Type The type of geothermal development project: Conventional Hydrothermal (Unproduced) Resource, Conventional Hydrothermal (Produced) Resource, Conventional Hydrothermal Expansion, Coproduction, Geopressured Geopressured System, EGS

Development Phase The GEA-reported development phase; or "Operational;" (if operational) or "None" (if no development).

Capacity Estimate Estimate of the capacity of the developed power project (in MW)

Reference for PlannedCapacity

Separate multiple references using a semicolon (;) delimiter (e.g.- reference 1; reference 2) To add a note to a reference, for citing a specific section, use the {{!}} template as follows: reference 1 {{!}} section a;

GEA Report Date Month and year of GEA report listing this project.

Additional Info


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