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Solar and Wind Easements & Rights Laws (Nevada)
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Incentive/Auth3Code NRS § 278.02077, et seq.  +
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Incentive/Auth4Code NRS § 116.2111  +
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Nevada's general statutes provide owners of solar and wind energy systems protection against restrictions that would otherwise prevent them from installing these systems on their property. NRS § 111.239 and 278.0208 disallow the adoption of any covenant, deed, contract, ordinance or other legal instrument which affects the transfer or sale of real property that unreasonably restrict a landowner from installing solar or wind energy systems on their land. The law further states that any existing covenant, deed, contract or other legal instrument that unreasonably restrict a landowner from installing solar or wind energy systems on their land is void and unenforceable. Solar and wind systems are also protected from siting restrictions that would "significantly decrease the efficiency or performance of the system and not allow for the use of an alternative system at a comparable cost and with comparable efficiency and performance." [ SB 114] of May 2009 clarified that a 10% decrease in performance is considered a "significant decrease" for a solar system. The bill did not provide a similar value for an unacceptable decrease in the performance of a wind system. Further, AB 122 of 2011 stripped wind of some of the limited siting protections provided by SB 114 of 2009. NRS § 116.2111 ensures that common interest communities may not unreasonably restrict, prohibit or withhold approval of a wind energy system if it is installed on two acres or more of the owner's property within the established community if the owner obtains written consent from the owners of all properties within 300 feet of the system. Nevada also allows parties to enter voluntarily into solar easements that are legally binding.
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