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PRIMRE/Code Catalog/WEC-Sim
Author Kelley Ruehl  +
ContactEmail;  +
ContactName Yi-Hsiang Yu and Kelley Ruehl  +
Dependencies MATLAB, Simulink, Simscape, and Simscape Multibody  +
Description WEC-Sim (Wave Energy Converter SIMulator)
WEC-Sim (Wave Energy Converter SIMulator) is an open-source code for simulating wave energy converters. The code is developed in MATLAB/SIMULINK using the multi-body dynamics solver Simscape Multibody. WEC-Sim has the ability to model devices that are comprised of rigid bodies, joints, power take-off systems, and mooring systems. Simulations are performed in the time-domain by solving the governing wave energy converter equations of motion in 6 degrees-of-freedom.
uations of motion in 6 degrees-of-freedom.  +
DevLanguage MATLAB  +
Development Active  +
LandingPage  +
License Apache License 2.0  +
ModifiedDate 2020/06/01  +
MreDatasubtype Public Repo (e.g. public git repo)  +
MreDatatype Code  +
MreTechnologyType Wave  +
OpenEI/PageDescription PRIMRE Code Catalog contains Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) codes, scripts, software, and packages.  +
OpenEI/PageKeyword PRIMRE  + , MRE  + , MHK  + , Water Power  + , Marine Energy  + , Hydro  + , Ocean  + , Wave  + , Code  + , LCOE  + , MHKiT  + , scripts  + , MatLab  + , Python  +
Organization Sandia National Laboratories  +
OriginationDate 07/15/2014  +
ReleaseDate 06/30/2020  +
SignatureProject WEC-Sim  +
Tags energy, wave simulation, MRE, modeling, wave energy converter simulation, wecsim, wecSIm, wec-sim  +
Title WEC-Sim  +
Version 4.1.0  +
Categories PRIMRE , MRE Codes
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