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MHK Technologies/Wave Roller
Date Submitted 10/8/2010  +
Depiction File:Wave_Roller.jpg  +
Primary Organization AW Energy +
Project(s) where this technology is utilized MHK Projects/Peniche Portugal + , MHK Projects/AW Energy EMEC +
Technology Description A WaveRoller device is a plate anchored on
A WaveRoller device is a plate anchored on the sea bottom by its lower part. The back and forth movement of surge moves the plate, and the kinetic energy produced is collected by a piston pump. This energy can be converted to electricity by a closed hydraulic system in combination with a hydraulic motor/generator system. Upgrade to No3 is more powerful hyraulic componets.
o No3 is more powerful hyraulic componets.  +
Technology Nameplate Capacity (MW) 1MW  +
Technology Readiness Level TRL 5/6: System Integration and Technology Laboratory Demonstration  +
Technology Resource Wave  +
Technology Type Oscillating Wave Surge Converter  +
Width (m) 5  +
Categories Marine and Hydrokinetic Technologies
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19:57:38, 21 May 2014  +
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MHK Projects/AW Energy EMEC + , MHK Projects/Peniche Portugal + ProjectTechnology
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