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MHK ISDB/Instruments/Nortek Signature#UserExperience
UX-Brief Provides three dimensional wave and current profiling data. I have only used the current profiling settings, but the fifth-beam on the instruments allows for wave profiling  + , Coastal environment: bottom mounted on a w
Coastal environment: bottom mounted on a well-mixed tidal channels. River: down looking on a drifter buoy. Instrument in broadband Mode. Measure velocities in along beam coordinates using all 5 beams at 8 Hz with 1 m bin size. Also in drifting mode we uses the 5th beam for bottom tracking at 4Hz and at the same time use other 4 beams to measure velocity also at 4 Hz.
4 beams to measure velocity also at 4 Hz.  +
UX-Cons At the time we used the instrument, the battery estimations were not right. The battery lasted less time than expected, resulting in shorter measurement ensembles (Set up for 3 days of high frequency measurements, but only got 1 day of good ensembles)  +
UX-Pros See ease of use.  + , Very low noise in measurements. Ability to
Very low noise in measurements. Ability to capture small length scales of turbulence. We are able to observe the TKE energy cascade with a simple spectra calculation. High frequency allows for drifting approach in a fast current. Measurements are fantastic.
fast current. Measurements are fantastic.  +
UX-Recommendations The Nortek help forum is a quick and easy way to get help with the instrument – Nortek typically will not respond to emails requesting tech support, but respond to forum posts very quickly!  + , Caution about battery estimations (Although this might been fixed)  +
UX-Software It is convenient that the software automatically informs you of software/firmware upgrades, because I've missed those on other instruments. + , We used the MIDAS software. Very simple interface, easy to follow steps to set up instrument and to get the data after deployment. All raw data can be exported to a .mat file for analysis. Is a very easy to read file. +
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