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Isotopic Analysis- Rock
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"File:nuplasma_MC-ICPMS.jpg|thumb|270px|left|Photo of a Nu plasma Multicollector ICP-MS system used for isotopic analysis. Photo from Vervoot & Mueller (2012).'"`UNIQ--ref-00000001-QINU`"']] Isotopic analysis is typically conducted by hydrologists, biologists, and geochemists. There are many different isotopes, but they all generally fall into two categories; radioactive or stable. Radioactive isotopes have known decay rates and half-lives, which are very useful for dating particular fluids or materials. Stable isotopes do not decay and are used to measure the ratios of the heavy isotope vs light isotope to reveal general conditions that would lead to this heavy/light isotope ratio. There are many applications of isotope geochemistry, some which have been utilized for geothermal exploration. Isotopic analysis can be used to investigate the thermal history of a reservoir, to determine the degree of water-rock interaction that has occurred in a system, and to date hydrothermal alteration minerals." cannot be used as a page name in this wiki. The given value was not understood.
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