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Hyperspectral Imaging
BestPractices   *Hyperspectral datasets are very large a
  *Hyperspectral datasets are very large and cumbersome to work with (imagine 224 pieces of information—one for each band—stored for each pixel in an image). Data can be interpreted into maps so that the information can be shared in much more manageable datasets. Though many in the industry still appreciate the 7-band LANDSAT images (which can be made through data aggregation of hyperspectral images), there are four common types of maps that are created from hyperspectral data for use in geothermal exploration, including mineral maps, cultural maps, vegetation maps, and high-resolution photographs. *There are many commercial vendors that provide data products from calibrated radiance to surface reflectance to derived mineral maps. Since processing techniques vary widely in creating surface mineral maps it's a good practice for derived products to be reviewed by geologists for quality control.
eviewed by geologists for quality control.  +
DataAcquisition Hyperspectral data collection requires sunny days - the images are not as clear when collected on cloudy days.  +
EstimatedCostHighUSD 1,075,945 centUSD (10.759 kUSD, 0.0108 MUSD, 1.075945e-5 TUSD)  +
EstimatedCostLowUSD 863 centUSD (0.00863 kUSD, 8.63e-6 MUSD, 8.63e-9 TUSD)  +
EstimatedCostMedianUSD 133,756 centUSD (1.338 kUSD, 0.00134 MUSD, 1.33756e-6 TUSD)  +
EstimatedTimeHigh 0.252 years (2,208 hours, 92 days, 13.143 weeks, 3.023 months)  +
EstimatedTimeLow 0.00307 years (26.88 hours, 1.12 days, 0.16 weeks, 0.0368 months)  +
EstimatedTimeMedian 0.0582 years (509.76 hours, 21.24 days, 3.034 weeks, 0.698 months)  +
ExplorationCostPerMetric sq. mile  +
ExplorationGroup Remote Sensing Techniques +
ExplorationSubGroup Passive Sensors +
ExplorationTimePerMetric job  +
HydroInfo delineate locations of surface water features  +
LithologyInfo mineral maps can be used to show the presence of hydrothermal minerals and mineral assemblages  +
Name Hyperspectral Imaging  +
OpenEI/PageDescription About Hyperspectral Imaging, a geothermal exploration technique, including areas of use.  +
OpenEI/PageKeyword geothermal  + , exploration  + , techniques  + , Hyperspectral Imaging  + , areas  +
Pitfalls <br> *Hyperspectral mapping of hydro
<br> *Hyperspectral mapping of hydrothermal minerals has been complicated in the past by the difficulty in displaying millions of categorized pixels in a way that is meaningful to geologists and fits with geophysical and geological mapping norms. Such issues have been resolved in the last five years with the advent of ‘targeting’ maps that plot mineral assemblages of interest in a myriad of ways including as density maps (that look similar to geophysical gradient maps) and as small, but easily accessible digital files compatible with not only standard software, but also web-based portals such as Google Earth. Mineral assemblage maps are a useful way for presenting and understanding both airborne and satellite spectral images. They ultimately provide a way to rapidly map vast areas of land (tens of thousands of acres), targeting areas with prospective hydrothermal mineral assemblages for more in-depth geothermal prospecting (i.e. high resolution geophysics and field mapping).
resolution geophysics and field mapping).  +
References Katherine Young,Timothy Reber,Kermit Withe
Katherine Young,Timothy Reber,Kermit Witherbee. 2012. [[Hydrothermal Exploration Best Practices and Geothermal Knowledge Exchange on Openei]]. In: Proceedings of the Thirty-Seventh Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering. Thirty-Seventh Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering; 2012/01/30; Stanford, CA. Stanford, CA: Stanford University, Stanford Geothermal Program; p.
iversity, Stanford Geothermal Program; p.  +
StratInfo aerial photographs can show structures  +
ThermalInfo vegetation maps can show plants stressed due to nearby thermal activity  +
TypeOf Passive Sensors +
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