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Home Energy Rebate Option (HERO) - Existing Homes Program (Louisiana)
Incentive/Active true  +
Incentive/Amt 20% of improvement costs  +
Incentive/ApplDsc Residential  +
Incentive/ContAddr 617 N. 3rd Street  +
Incentive/ContAddr2 P.O. Box 44156  +
Incentive/ContDept Louisiana Department of Natural Resources  +
Incentive/ContDiv Energy Section, Technology Assessment Division  +
Incentive/ContFax (225) 342-1397  +
Incentive/ContName Program Coordinator  +
Incentive/ContPhone (225) 342-1399  +
Incentive/ContPlace Baton Rouge, Louisiana  +
Incentive/ContWebsite  +
Incentive/ContZip 70804-4156  +
Incentive/EnergyCat Energy Efficiency Incentive Programs  +
Incentive/EquipReqs Must achieve 30% reduction in energy use  +
Incentive/ExpireDt June 11, 2013  +
Incentive/ExpireDtString 2013-06-11  +
Incentive/FundSrc American Recovery and Reinvestment Act  +
Incentive/ImplSector State/Territory  +
Incentive/InstallReqs Required program energy ratings must be performed by a HERO-Certified Energy Rater  +
Incentive/MaxInc $3,000  +
Incentive/Name Home Energy Rebate Option (HERO) - Existing Homes Program  +
Incentive/ProgAdmin Louisiana Department of Natural Resources  +
Incentive/Summary '''''NOTE: All HERO program funding has be …
'''''NOTE: All HERO program funding has been allocated as of December 6, 2012. Important dates related to the closure of the program have been announced. Please see summary below for more information. ''''' The Home Energy Rebate Option (HERO) - [ Existing Homes Program] is offered by the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for residents to receive cash rebates for energy efficient improvements to existing homes that achieve a minimum of 30% energy reduction. The incentive amount is based on two factors, either the Cost of Energy Savings determined by comparing the pre-improved home to the post-improved home over the useful life of the added improvements* or the cost of the energy efficiency improvements. The cash rebate is 20% of the lesser of the two amounts up to a maximum rebate of $2,000. Owners of an existing single-family homes and two-unit residences, are eligible to apply under this program. In order to qualify, residents must make improvements that result in an annual energy savings of at least 30%. Each residence must be metered separately. In addition, certain improvements are assigned point values, which are listed on the program web site. In order to qualify, residents must incorporate any of these improvements with point values that add up to 2 to participate and 6 to receive the maximum rebate incentive. All applications must be submitted prior to the start of any renovation. The homeowner contacts a certified home energy rater listed on the Louisiana DNR site and, pending funding, gets a preliminary rating containing proposed improvements. After the home has been rated, the homeowner must make the improvements within six months. Following a final verification rating by the home rater, the HERO Program will issue a rebate to the homeowner. HERO Program rebates are taxable and Participants will receive a 1099-MISC, Miscellaneous Income Form from the State of Louisiana for the year in which the rebate is received. While the HERO Program is currently ongoing, it is scheduled to sunset over the course of 2013. Please see the list of important dates below for impending deadlines. *December 6, 2012 - last day to submit a preliminary rating that has a (6) month guarantee of funding *December 7, 2012 - preliminary ratings submitted from this date through May 2013 are only guaranteed funding until June 10, 2013 *June 10, 2013 - last day to submit finals under the HERO Program *June 11, 2013 - HERO Program ends ''*This amount is based upon an Energy Efficiency Premium HERS Rating system.'' '' **A homeowner cannot participant in both the Louisiana [ Home Energy Loan Program (HELP)] and the HERO program at the same time, and can only participate one time per property. See guidelines on maximum times of participation.''
lines on maximum times of participation.''  +
Incentive/TechDsc Comprehensive Measures/Whole Building + , Custom/Others pending approval +
Incentive/Type State Rebate Program +
OpenEI/PageDescription Home Energy Rebate Option (HERO) - Existing Homes Program: energy incentive program.  +
OpenEI/PageKeyword Energy Incentives  + , Louisiana  + , State Rebate Program  + , Louisiana Department of Natural Resources  +
Place Louisiana: Energy Resources +
Website  +
Categories Financial Incentive Programs , Incentive with Contacts
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