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Green Energy Fund (Delaware)
DSIRE/DtAdd 2000-01-01  +
DSIRE/LstUpdt July 9, 2012  +
EZFeed/Relevant Yes  +
Incentive/Active true  +
Incentive/ApplDsc Commercial  + , Industrial  + , Institutional  + , Residential  + , Utility  +
Incentive/Auth2Code 29 Del. C. § 8051 et seq.  +
Incentive/Auth2Link  +
Incentive/Auth3Code S.B. 266  +
Incentive/Auth3DtEnact 2010-07-28  +
Incentive/Auth3Link  +
Incentive/Auth4Code Green Energy Fund Regulations  +
Incentive/Auth4Link Green Energy Regs 03012011.pdf  +
Incentive/AuthCode 26 Del. C. § 1014  +
Incentive/AuthDtEff 1999-10-01  +
Incentive/AuthDtEnact 1999 (subsequently amended)  +
Incentive/AuthLink  +
Incentive/Charge 0.000356 per kWh (0.356 mills per kWh) for renewables<br /> 0.000095 per kWh (0.095 mills per kWh) for low-income assistance  +
Incentive/ContAddr 1203 College Park Drive, Suite 101  +
Incentive/ContDept Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control  +
Incentive/ContDiv Delaware Energy Office  +
Incentive/ContEmail  +
Incentive/ContName Scott Lynch  +
Incentive/ContPhone (302) 735-3480  +
Incentive/ContPlace Dover, Delaware  +
Incentive/ContWebsite  +
Incentive/ContZip 19904  +
Incentive/DsireSyncDate 2011-04-30 14:35:14  +
Incentive/EnergyCat Energy Efficiency Incentive Programs  + , Renewable Energy Incentive Programs  +
Incentive/ImplSector State/Territory  +
Incentive/Name Green Energy Fund  +
Incentive/Summary '''''Note: The Green Energy Fund regulatio
'''''Note: The Green Energy Fund regulations are currently under revision to improve program function and meet the requirements of the Delaware Energy Act. The Delaware Division of Energy and Climate [ webpage] will provide details about relevant public meetings and workshops, proposed draft regulations, and other documents during the regulatory revision process.''''' The Delaware public benefits program, enacted through the state’s electric utility restructuring law in March 1999, collects approximately $3.2 million annually for efficiency and renewable programs and $0.8 million annually for low-income programs. Funds for the public benefit programs are collected from Delmarva Power and Light customers (the state's only investor-owned utility). Separate public benefit funds exist for the Delaware Electric Cooperative (DEC) and the state's municipal utilities through the Delaware Municipal Electric Corporation (DEMEC). Prior to July 2007, the Delmarva fund collected $0.000178 per kWh (0.178 mills/kWh) to fund renewable energy and energy efficiency* incentive programs but collections were increased to $0.000356 per kWh (0.356 mills/kWh) by S.B. 35 of 2007. This money is collected and distributed through the Green Energy Fund, which supports the following programs: [ Green Energy Program Incentives] - providing cash grants from the Green Energy Fund for renewable energy technology installation. Funds may also support energy efficiency education programs. [ Technology and Demonstration Grants] - providing cash grants for projects which demonstrate the market potential of renewable energy technology.** [ Research and Development Grants] - supporting qualifying research and graduate studies in energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.** An average of 0.095 mills/kWh (approx. $800,000 annually) is collected to fund low-income fuel assistance and weatherization programs. These funds are administered by the Department of Health and Social Services’ (DHSS) Division of State Service Centers, which currently administers similar federally-funded programs. Contact information for DHSS can be found [ here]. ''*S.B. 44 of 2005 added biodiesel manufacturing facilities to the list of eligible projects and clarified that energy efficiency was eligible for support from the Fund. '' ''**S.B. 266 of 2010 authorizes the State Energy Office to suspend the Research and Development and Technology and Demonstration Grants in order to fund the Green Energy Program Incentives if demand for that program exceeds funding levels. Given that the Green Energy Program is in fact oversubscribed as of August 2010, action from the State Energy Office is likely.''
from the State Energy Office is likely.''  +
Incentive/TechDsc Fuel Cells using Renewable Fuels + , Ground Source Heat Pumps + , Photovoltaics + , Solar Space Heat + , Solar Water Heat + , Wind +
Incentive/TechDscOther Unspecified technologies  + , Biodiesel manufacturing facilities  +
Incentive/TotalFund 3.2 million annually on average <br /> 0.8 million annually for low-income assistance  +
Incentive/Type Public Benefits Fund +
Incentive/Types Renewables, Energy Efficiency, RDandD, Low-income Assistance  +
OpenEI/PageDescription Green Energy Fund: energy incentive program.  +
OpenEI/PageKeyword Energy Incentives  + , Delaware  + , Public Benefits Fund  +
Place Delaware: Energy Resources +
Website  +
Categories Incentive with Contacts , Incentive with Authorities , Rules Regulations Policies Incentive Programs
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