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Electricity Markets Analysis (EMA) Model
Abstract EMA is a dynamic linear-programming model of U.S. wholesale electricity markets designed to examine how mid- to long-term energy and environmental policies will influence electricity supply decisions, electricity generation costs, and electricity prices.  +
DIA/Approach The EMA model determines least-cost method
The EMA model determines least-cost methods for meeting electricity demand on a seasonal and time-of-day basis, while considering factors such as growth in demand, peak demands, and limits on emissions. Markets for electric power in EMA are modeled along geographic lines as distinct markets with specific characteristics and interregional electricity transmission capabilities. The EMA model can estimate impacts associated with a variety of policies related to the generation mix, limits on criteria pollutants, and cap-and-trade systems to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Also, it can be linked to the RTI ADAGE economic model. The model aggregates data in 13 distinct electricity markets across the United States.
ctricity markets across the United States.  +
DIA/CaseStudies This paper presents forecasts for electricity markets by the EMA mode:  +
DIA/Inputs Energy and economic data  +
DIA/Level National  + , Sectoral  + , Policy  +
DIA/Outputs Change in electricity supply decisions, electricity generation costs, and electricity prices due to the policies.  +
DIA/Stakeholders Government policymakers  + , economic consultants  + , and environmental professionals  +
DIA/Topic Environmental  + , Economic  +
DIA/Topic/Economic Balance of Payments  + , All  + , General  +
DIA/Topic/Environmental Air  + , All  + , Greenhouse Gases  + , General  +
Developer Research Triangle Institute +
Name Electricity Markets Analysis (EMA) Model  +
OpenEI/PageKeyword Electricity Markets Analysis (EMA) Model  + , Energy  + , Research Triangle Institute  +
OpenEI/Tool/RelatedTo Applied Dynamic Analysis of the Global Economy (ADAGE) Model  +
OpenEI/Tool/Users Policy analysts  + , decision-makers  +
ProgramResources Software/modeling tools  +
ProgramSector Energy  +
Screenshot ADAGEscreen.JPG +
Tool-subcategory LEDSGP Development Impacts Assessment Toolkits  +
ToolComplexity Advanced  +
User Interface Desktop Application  +
Website  +
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Electricity Markets Analysis (EMA) Model +
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Electricity Markets Analysis (EMA) Model +
Categories Tools , LEDSGP Development Impacts Assessment Toolkits
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