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Abstract E3ME is a global sectoral econometric model used to analyze long-term energy and environment interactions within the global economy and to assess short- and long-term impacts of climate change policy.  +
DIA/Approach E3ME examines how the economic system chan
E3ME examines how the economic system changes over time, providing year-by-year projections of these changes into the future without assuming the economy reaches equilibrium. E3ME is therefore not a General Equilibrium Model, which only shows how real resources are re-allocated between economic activities after the economy has reached equilibrium following introduction of a policy. E3ME can model the gradual uptake of new technologies, thus providing a better understanding of the time it will take for the economy to accommodate these technologies and reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants.
of greenhouse gases and other pollutants.  +
DIA/CaseStudies Major Reports with Results Based on E3ME Energy and Climate Policies available at  +
DIA/Inputs Economic and energy data  +
DIA/Level National  + , Policy  +
DIA/Outputs A year-by-year estimate of economic perfor
A year-by-year estimate of economic performance and emissions, which allows the development of historical reconstructions of how emissions have changed over time in the past, and explains these changes. It also projects to the future to assess how these emissions might be affected by different policies and pathways of technological change.
cies and pathways of technological change.  +
DIA/Stakeholders Government policymakers  + , economic consultants  + , environmental professionals  + , and academics.  +
DIA/Topic Environmental  + , Economic  +
DIA/Topic/Economic Gross Domestic Product  + , All  + , General  +
DIA/Topic/Environmental Climate Resilience  + , All  + , Greenhouse Gases  + , General  +
DIA/Training Software platform IDIOM (International Dynamic Input-Output)  +
Developer Cambridge Econometrics and the University of Cambridge +
Name E3MG  +
OpenEI/PageKeyword E3MG  + , Energy  + , Cambridge Econometrics and the University of Cambridge  +
OpenEI/Tool/CostRange Paid  +
OpenEI/Tool/URI  +
OpenEI/Tool/Users Policy analysts  + , decision-makers  +
ProgramResources Software/modeling tools  +
ProgramSector Energy  + , Land  +
Tool-subcategory LEDSGP Development Impacts Assessment Toolkits  +
ToolComplexity Advanced  +
User Interface Desktop Application  +
Website  +
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Categories Tools , LEDSGP Development Impacts Assessment Toolkits
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04:27:19, 25 August 2014  +
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