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NEPA Resource Analysis Present, Potentially Affected  +
NEPA Resource Applicant Mitigation Computer modeling of the effects of the Pr
Computer modeling of the effects of the Project determined that there would be no substantial changes in the pressures in the Casa Diablo geothermal reservoir, and no changes to the geothermal reservoir further east. Therefore, there is no expectation that the Project would adversely affect hydrothermal features (such as the Hot Creek Fish Hatchery springs or the Hot Creek Gorge springs). No potable (drinking quality) ground water is known to exist in the Project area. The existing Mammoth Community Water District ground water production wells are located over one mile, and up gradient, from the closest Project facilities. There is also no current evidence to suggest that the relatively shallow ground water well production zone is hydraulically connected with the deeper geothermal reservoir. Therefore, production of the geothermal fluids by the Project are not expected to adversely affect the ground water well field, either by depleting the aquifer or by drawing in lower quality waters. The pipeline route and construction techniques have been selected to minimize the potential for surface and ground water pollution. The proposed pipeline route is located outside of riparian conservation areas delineated by the USFS. No new permanent or temporary access roads would be constructed, and the pipeline corridor would not be graded.
the pipeline corridor would not be graded.  +
NEPA Resource Comment Production of geothermal fluid from the tw
Production of geothermal fluid from the two wells in the Basalt Canyon area and injection of that fluid into the Casa Diablo injection reservoir through existing geothermal injection wells could alter the pressures and temperatures of these geothermal reservoirs. These geothermal reservoir changes may adversely affect other hydrothermal features (such as Hot Creek Fish Hatchery springs and Hot Creek springs). They may also influence or adversely affect the local or regional shallow, fresh groundwater system.
gional shallow, fresh groundwater system.  +
NEPA Resource Imposed Mitigation MPLP would also comply with mitigation mea
MPLP would also comply with mitigation measures HYD-4 (hazardous materials with designated RCAs), HYD-5 (preventing impediments to natural flow within designated RCAs), and HYD-6 (protecting designated RCAs from sediment during flood flows) from the Upper Basalt Geothermal Exploration Project ROD. HYD-4: Only nontoxic drilling materials shall be used in the drilling mud or drilling fluids. HYD-5: To prevent cross-contamination of aquifers, geothermal fluids that are produces to the surface and injected shall only be injected back into the same formation from which they are produced. HYD-6: The operator shall acquire all necessary permits and/or agreements, including the completion of any required additional environmental review, prior to any installation of use of reclaimed water for this project.
f use of reclaimed water for this project.  +
NEPA Resources Geothermal/Water Quantity +
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