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NEPA Resource Analysis Present, Potentially Affected  +
NEPA Resource Applicant Mitigation No clearing of the pipeline route is propo
No clearing of the pipeline route is proposed. Cut and fill activities would be restricted to construction of the road under-crossings. Off-site storm water would be intercepted in ditches and channeled to energy dissipaters as necessary to minimize erosion.
sipaters as necessary to minimize erosion.  +
NEPA Resource Imposed Mitigation USFS and State of California best manageme
USFS and State of California best management practices for storm water would be followed, as applicable, including USFS BMP-28 (Surface Erosion Control at Facility Sites). MPLP would also comply with mitigation measure HYD-1 (implementation of best management practices to prevent erosion and sedimentation), SMG-1 (salvage of topsoil), and SMG-2 (de-compacting subsoils) from the Upper Basalt Geothermal Exploration Project ROD. HYD-1: The permittee shall use the following BMPs to ensure the full containment of all sediment that may be generated by sotorm water runoff form the construction of each pad and access road throughout the life of the project: - Erosion Control Plan (BMP 2.2) - Timing of Construction (BMP 2.3) - Stabilization of Road slope Surface and Soil Disposal Areas (BMP 2.4) - Snow Removal Control (BMP 2-25) This mitigation measure shall be implemented by developing a plan to prevent storm water pollution, which plan shall be prepared prior to construction of each well pad and access road. This plan shall identify structures such as sediment traps, filter fences, straw bales, or activities that will implement the intent of the BMPs. The permittee shall be responsible for ensuring that the identifies BMPs are implemented immediately as required or applicable throughout the course of the exploration activities. **SMG-1 and SMG-2 were not found in the ROD.
SMG-1 and SMG-2 were not found in the ROD.  +
NEPA Resources Geothermal/Soils +
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