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NEPA Resource Analysis Present, Potentially Affected  +
NEPA Resource Applicant Mitigation MPLP would also comply with mitigation mea
MPLP would also comply with mitigation measures CUL-1 (conducting cultural resource surveys prior to any new surface disturbance and protecting identified resources during construction) and CUL-2 (protecting previously unrecorded cultural resources which may be encountered) from the Upper Basalt Geothermal Exploration Project ROD (see Appendix C). Winter access to the well sites by vehicles when substantial snow is on the ground is unlikely but could be required to complete critical Project maintenance operations, such as the replacement of a well pump. In these circumstances it may be necessary to plow, blow or otherwise remove snow from the well site access routes. As Sawmill Cutoff Road is a signed and groomed snowmobile trail, MPLP has committed that, to the extent possible, all access to producing well sites which would require the removal of snow would be on Sawmill Road off of State Route 203. MPLP has also committed that should well sites 12-25, 14-25, 15-25, 25-25, or 34-25 be connected to the pipeline, MPLP would consult with the BLM and USFS and prepare a winter access contingency plan to specifically describe how any critical maintenance operations would be conducted during winter to minimize the adverse effects on snowmobile and cross-country ski use of the Sawmill Cutoff Road trail or surrounding areas. The contingency plan would specify one or more of the following or other actions which would be appropriate to minimize the effects on recreation from the required maintenance operations should the clearing of snow become necessary: • Minimize the length or width of the road cleared of snow; • Minimize the time during which snow is cleared from the road; • Direct the replacement of removed snow after the completion of the drilling operations; or • Limit the crossing of Sawmill Cutoff Road to a single, ramped cut along the “Pole Line Road” west to Forest Road 3S35 northwest of Shady Rest Park or to Forest Road 3S35 near drill site 34-25, which could be accessed from Sawmill Road through either the Shady Rest Park parking lot and Forest Road 3S26 or the new and existing access roads through drill sites 77-25 and 56-25. MPLP would install temporary warning signs and devices along Sawmill Cutoff Road, in conformance with USFS recommendations, to alert snowmobile drivers of the vehicle crossing hazard at the Sawmill Cutoff Road/”Pole Line Road” junction and/or in other locations, as needed. Temporary warning signs would also be posted along the cross country sections of the pipeline during winter to warn snowmobilers and skiers of the pipeline should it become covered with snow.
eline should it become covered with snow.  +
NEPA Resource Imposed Mitigation MPLP would comply with mitigation measures
MPLP would comply with mitigation measures TPS-5 (proper signage to avoid conflicts with winter recreation users along Sawmill Cutoff Road) and REC-1 (crossing Sawmill Road by cross-county skiers) from the Upper Basalt Geothermal Exploration Project ROD (see Appendix C). TPS-5: Should winter access be necessary and facilitate the cutting across of Sawmill Cutoff Road from the "Pole Line Road," proper signage would be prominently placed alerting the winter recreation user of the cut so as to avoid conflicts. REC-1: The Winter access contingency plan would ensure that there is as least one location along Sawmill Road which would be maintained to provide a safe and easy crossing by cross-country skiers.
and easy crossing by cross-country skiers.  +
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