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NEPA Resource Imposed Mitigation MPLP would also comply with mitigation mea
MPLP would also comply with mitigation measures NOX-1 (washing of construction vehicles), NOX-2 (weed-free seed mixtures), NOX-3 (weed-free erosion control materials), NOX-5 (non-native weed species standards for revegetation), NOX-6 (cheatgrass control), NOX-7 (rehabilitation of disturbed areas) from the Upper Basalt Geothermal Exploration Project ROD. NOX-1: Prior to entering the project area, all trucks and construction equipment that will operate off of previously existing roads shall be washed to remove soil and plant parts. A central washing facility will be provided for this purpose, either at the MPLP equipment area at Casa Diablo on private land or at a location approved by the authorized officer. Vehicle inspections will be conducted by an authorized representative to verify the absence of noxious plant propagules. Prevention is a high priority. NOX-2: Where appropriate, seed mixtures used to revegetate disturbed areas would be certified as being free of noxious weed materials. In some cases, e.g. when seed is collected locally vs. grown in a nursery setting, weed certification may not be available. NOX-3: All other materials used in erosion control or rehabilitation efforts, e.g. straw bales, would be certified as being free of noxious weed materials. NOX-5: All non-native weed species already present in the area would account for no more than 5% total of the relative cover at the end of the 3-year evaluation period, following completion of revegetation measures. New non-native species introduced as a result of the Project will be eradicated (i.e. 0% cover). Where this standard is not met, appropriate weed control measures will be implemented in order to comply with the standard for a period of three years following project completion. NOX-6: Cheatgrass is largely absent from the forested portions of the Project area. In order to maintain this condition, cheatgrass will be removed from all areas where ground disturbance occurs. Appropriate weed control measures will be implemented as necessary, in order to prevent the invasion and spread of cheatgrass, throughout the life of the project, and for a period of three years following Project completion. NOX-7: Disturbed areas will be rehabilitated according to USFS specifications.
ilitated according to USFS specifications.  +
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