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NEPA Resource Analysis Present, Potentially Affected  +
NEPA Resource Applicant Mitigation MPLP will contract for an archeologist acc
MPLP will contract for an archeologist acceptable to the Inyo National Forest Archaeologist to conduct site-specific surveys of those Project areas which may be disturbed prior to conducting any activities which would disturb these areas. Any areas which contain cultural resources of significance will be avoided, or the potential for impacts mitigated in a manner acceptable to the Inyo National Forest Archaeologist.
to the Inyo National Forest Archaeologist.  +
NEPA Resource Comment With exception of approximately 20 acres o
With exception of approximately 20 acres of private (fee) land owned by the City of Los Angeles, all of the Project area has been previously surveyed for cultural resources. Although some of these cultural resource surveys are old, they indicate a relatively low density of identified cultural resources, and thus the likelihood that all important cultural resources can be avoided by Project surface disturbing activities.
by Project surface disturbing activities.  +
NEPA Resource Imposed Mitigation MPLP would also comply with mitigation mea
MPLP would also comply with mitigation measures CUL-1 (conducting cultural resource surveys prior to any new surface disturbance and protecting identified resources during construction) and CUL-2 (protecting previously unrecorded cultural resources which may be encountered) from the Upper Basalt Geothermal Exploration Project ROD. CUL-1: Each area proposed for any new surface disturbance, including an appropriate buffer, would be surveyed by a professional archeologist acceptable to the BLM/USFS, and the results of this survey would be reported to the BLM/USFS with the request to commence surface disturbance. Drill pad and access roads would be considered in such a way so as to ensure that recorded archaeological site materials are either disturbed or, if they need to be disturbed, that they are inventoried, documented, and reported to the BLM/USFS, and a determination of their eligibility for the National Register of Historic Places and appropriate mitigation, if any, be completed by the BLM/USFS prior to disturbance to the site. To ensure that identified cultural resource sites adjacent to areas of disturbances are not disturbed, the limits of surface disturbing activities, including an adequate buffer zone, would be clearly marked and flagged prior to the start of all grading or other surface-disturbing activities. The flagging would be set with the assistance of a professional archaeologist, and the construction/grading contractor and each of the workers would be trained to understand flagging and its importance. CUL-2: If previously unrecorded cultural resources are encountered during grading or other surface-disturbing activities, all grading or other surface-disturbing activities at the location of discovery would cease, and the authorized officer notified. Grading or other surface-disturbing activities would not recommence at the location of discover until the identified cultural resource(s) have been assessed, and necessary mitigation actions taken, and the expressed approval of the authorized officer or his designee granted.
uthorized officer or his designee granted.  +
NEPA Resources Geothermal/Cultural Resources +
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