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NEPA Resource Analysis Present, Potentially Affected  +
NEPA Resource Imposed Mitigation MPLP would comply with any requirements pr
MPLP would comply with any requirements prescribed by the Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control District (GBUAPCD) concerning emissions of air pollutants from construction engines or hydrogen sulfide from operating geothermal wells. MPLP would also comply with mitigation measure AIR-4 (watering to control dust during construction) from the Upper Basalt Geothermal Exploration Project ROD. AIR-4: The permittee shall apply water during the construction and utilization of pads and access roads as necessary to control dust. Dust shall not be discharged into the air for a period or periods aggregating more than three minutes in any one-hour that is as dark or darker in shade as designated as No. 1 on the Ringelmann Chart.
signated as No. 1 on the Ringelmann Chart.  +
NEPA Resources Geothermal/Air Quality +
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