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NEPA Resource Imposed Mitigation Calpine shall facilitate the transfer of i
Calpine shall facilitate the transfer of information about short-term housing opportunities between local businesses and individuals providing housing for construction workers by installing a bulletin board and housing availability file in the construction office. Calpine shall establish an emergency response facility at the plant site to assist the USFS fire organizations in emergency response. The facility shall include the equipment necessary to provide a first-response to emergency situations at the plant site until the arrival of the USFS fire organizations. Calpine shall provide Level A equipment protective suits, breathing equipment) to respond to hazardous materials spills. Calpine shall implement a comprehensive safety program at the plant facility, including safety training for all plant personnel. Calpine shall ensure that at least one person during each of the three project phases is trained in basic emergency medical aid, such as wound treatment, bandaging, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), in order to respond to potential on-site injuries. Calpine shall contract with a private security company to supply guards at the power plant facility. Calpine shall establish a waste reduction program at the plant site to minimize the solid waste stream going to the landfill.
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