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Building Energy Code (Hawaii)
DSIRE/DtAdd 2006-08-01  +
DSIRE/LstUpdt October 8, 2012  +
Incentive/Active true  +
Incentive/ApplDsc Commercial  + , Residential  +
Incentive/CodeChgCycle No set schedule. Most recent update: April 25, 2005.  +
Incentive/CommCode 2006 IECC  +
Incentive/ContAddr P.O. Box 2359  +
Incentive/ContDept Hawaii Department of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism  +
Incentive/ContDiv Energy Division  +
Incentive/ContEmail  +
Incentive/ContName Howard Wiig  +
Incentive/ContPhone (808) 587-3811  +
Incentive/ContPlace Honolulu, Hawaii  +
Incentive/ContWebsite  +
Incentive/ContZip 96804  +
Incentive/DsireSyncDate 2011-04-30 15:08:25  +
Incentive/EnergyCat Energy Efficiency Incentive Programs  +
Incentive/ImplSector State/Territory  +
Incentive/Name Building Energy Code  +
Incentive/ResCode 2006 IECC  +
Incentive/Summary ''Much of the information presented in thi
''Much of the information presented in this summary is drawn from the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Building Energy Codes Program and the Building Codes Assistance Project (BCAP). For more detailed information about building energy codes, visit the [ DOE] and [ BCAP] websites.'' No schedule exists for making statewide changes to the Hawaii Model Energy Code (HMEC). Each county reviews its code periodically. If changes are deemed necessary on a statewide basis, the Department of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism (DBEDT) submits proposed legislation to the state legislature. Following final passage, any new criteria becomes effective after an appropriate lead-in time. In May 2009, the Hawaii County Council adopted the 2006 IECC with state-specific amendments. Among them, the new code gives options for roof insulation including cool roofs, advanced ventilation, and low emittance roofs by testing or specification. It also has more stringent requirements regarding pools as well as mandatory HVAC and other system commissioning. On October 13, 2009, the Hawaii Building Code Council approved the 2006 IECC with state-specific amendments as the statewide energy code. The counties of Hawaii are free to modify the statewide code, as long as the codes they adopt are at least as stringent.
odes they adopt are at least as stringent.  +
Incentive/TechDsc Comprehensive Measures/Whole Building +
Incentive/Type Building Energy Code +
OpenEI/PageDescription Building Energy Code: energy incentive program.  +
OpenEI/PageKeyword Energy Incentives  + , Hawaii  + , Building Energy Code  +
Place Hawaii: Energy Resources +
Website  +
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