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Bryan Texas Utilities - Solar Hot Water Rebate Program (Texas)
Incentive/Active false  +
Incentive/Amt Existing Homes and Businesses: 1,500<br /> New Construction: 1,000<br />  +
Incentive/ApplDsc Commercial  + , Industrial  + , Institutional  + , Local Government  + , Nonprofit  + , Residential  + , Schools  +
Incentive/ApplDscOther All BTU Customers  +
Incentive/ContAddr 205 E. 28th Street  +
Incentive/ContDept Bryan Texas Utilities  +
Incentive/ContName Solar Water Heater Rebates  +
Incentive/ContPhone (979) 821-5715  +
Incentive/ContPlace Bryan, Texas  +
Incentive/ContWebsite  +
Incentive/ContZip 77803  +
Incentive/EligSysSize 80 gallon minimum for storage tank, no maximum specified  +
Incentive/EnergyCat Renewable Energy Incentive Programs  +
Incentive/EquipReqs Systems must be new and SRCC certified; must pre-heat water for a permanently installed electric water heater; must be designed for frost protection and scale elimination or remediation; major components must have a 5-year manufacturer's warranty  +
Incentive/ExpireDt September 30, 2013  +
Incentive/ExpireDtNotes or when funds are exhausted.  +
Incentive/ExpireDtString 2013-09-30  +
Incentive/ImplSector Utility  +
Incentive/InActDt May 7, 2013  +
Incentive/InstallReqs Must be installed by a licensed contractor; Equipment must meet all applicable city codes and adhere to the city building permit process  +
Incentive/MaxInc 1,500  +
Incentive/Name Bryan Texas Utilities - Solar Hot Water Rebate Program  +
Incentive/OwnRenewEnrgyCrdts Bryan Texas Utility  +
Incentive/ProgAdmin Bryan Texas Utilities  +
Incentive/ProgBudget $16,5000  +
Incentive/QuantNotes $1500 flat rebate for existing bldgs entered here; there is also a $1000 flat rebate for new construction.  +
Incentive/SWHComMaxDol $1,500  +
Incentive/SWHComMinSz 80  +
Incentive/SWHComSzUnit gal  +
Incentive/SWHNPMaxDol $1,500  +
Incentive/SWHResMaxDol $1,500  +
Incentive/SWHResMinSz 80  +
Incentive/SWHResSzUnit gal  +
Incentive/StartDate April 2008  +
Incentive/StartDateString 04/2008  +
Incentive/Summary Bryan Texas Utilities (BTU) offers its res …
Bryan Texas Utilities (BTU) offers its residential, commercial, and municipal customers up front rebates for the purchase and installation of solar hot water heaters. Only systems that preheat water for a permanently installed electric hot water heater are eligible to receive the incentive. Rebate levels vary by customer class. '''Rebates''' * Residential and commercial (new construction): $1,000 * Residential and commercial (existing homes and buildings): $1,500 All systems must be new, SRCC certified, and have a storage tank capacity of at least 80 gallons. Systems must also be designed for frost protection, scale elimination or remediation, and have a 5-year warranty on all major components. Existing tanks that are less than 5 years old may be used, but tanks more than 4 years old must be flushed prior to system activation. All systems must be installed by a licensed contractor and comply with all applicable city codes and permitting requirements. Participants must sign an agreement stating their intention to maintain the system in proper working order for at least 5 years and allow BTU to inspect the system. Failure to maintain the system may result in repayment of a prorated portion of the rebate. Participants must also sign a Renewable Energy Credit (REC) Assignment Form handing over all RECs produced by the system to BTU. A licensed electrician contracted by BTU will install a free Cycle Saver water heater timer after system verification. Please see the program website for additional details.
he program website for additional details.  +
Incentive/TechDsc Solar Water Heat +
Incentive/Type Utility Rebate Program +
OpenEI/PageDescription Bryan Texas Utilities - Solar Hot Water Rebate Program: energy incentive program.  +
OpenEI/PageKeyword Energy Incentives  + , Texas  + , Utility Rebate Program  + , Bryan Texas Utilities  +
Place Texas: Energy Resources +
Website  +
Categories Financial Incentive Programs , Quantitative Incentives , Rebates Grants Incentives , Solar Water Heating Incentives , Incentive with Contacts
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