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Alden Large Flume
Available Sensors Acceleration  + , Acoustics  + , Displacement  + , Flow  + , Power conversion effectiveness and generation  + , Pressure Range(psi)  + , Thermal  + , Velocity  + , Vibration  +
Beam(m) 6.1  +
Cameras Yes  +
Channel/Tunnel/Flume Yes  +
Cost(per day) $5000/week  +
Current Velocity Range(m/s) 3.2  +
Data Comparison to Computational Models Designed as needed  +
Depth(m) 3.0  +
Description Differential pressure transducers, acoustic profiling, propeller meters, load cells, computer data acquisition systems.  +
Description of Camera Types fully-submersible; multiplexor for four cameras; digital recording from all cameras; digital handheld  +
Hydrodynamic Testing Facility Type Flume +
Integrated Display/Graphics Lab View, Test Point  +
Length(m) 24.4  +
Maximum Velocity(m/s) 0.9  +
Maximum Velocity with Constriction(m/s) 3  +
Maximum Wave Height(m) 0.0  +
Maximum Wave Height(m) at Wave Period(s) 0.0  +
Name Alden Large Flume  +
Number of Color Cameras 2  +
Number of channels Designed as needed  +
On-Site fabrication capability/equipment Full on-site carpentry, machine, and instrumentation shops  +
Other Characteristics Point measurement capability  +
Overseeing Organization Alden Research Laboratory, Inc +
Past Pertinent Test Experience Tested scaled models and full-scale hydrokinetic turbines for 3 developers  +
Programmable Wavemaking Yes  +
Real-Time Yes  +
Recirculating Yes  +
Sector Hydropower +
Simulated Beach No  +
Special Characteristics Yes  +
Specializations, Capabilities, and Key Facility Attributes Not Covered Elsewhere This is a recirculating flume facility, so
This is a recirculating flume facility, so a constant velocity can be maintained indefinitely. This allows collection of a much greater amount of data than possible in tow tanks. Alden's biologists are highly experienced in assessing the impacts of generation devices on fish and the facilities allow for accurate testing with fish in a highly controlled environment.
h fish in a highly controlled environment.  +
Test Services Yes  +
Towing Capabilities Yes  +
Types of Co-located facilities Co-located fish holding facility is ideal for evaluating the impacts of generation devices on fish  +
Utility Services Available 110 V to 480 V, 3 phase  +
Water Type Freshwater  +
Wave Period Range(s) 2.1  +
Wavemaking Capabilities Yes  +
Wavemaking Description Wave generators not yet designed  +
Wind Capabilities Yes  +
Wind Velocity Range(m/s) Designed as needed  +
Categories Testing Facilities
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Alden Research Laboratory, Inc + Testing Facilities Overseen
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