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AEP Public Service Company of Oklahoma - Non-Residential Efficiency Rebate Program (Oklahoma)
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Incentive/Amt Prescriptive pay a flat rate per type and
Prescriptive pay a flat rate per type and quantity of measure installed. <br /> Lighting retrofits range from $5-$85/fixture and $10-$45/lighting control. <br /> VFDs for HVAC equipment range from $150-$3,500. <br /> Custom projects pay $175/kW for demand reduction and $0.06/kWh for the total annual kWh savings in one year.
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Incentive/ApplDsc Commercial  + , Fed. Government  + , Industrial  + , Local Government  + , Nonprofit  + , Schools  + , State Government  +
Incentive/Cont3Addr 7160 N. Dallas Parkway  +
Incentive/Cont3Addr2 Suite 340  +
Incentive/Cont3Email  +
Incentive/Cont3Name ICF International  +
Incentive/Cont3Phone (888) 776-1366  +
Incentive/Cont3Place Plano, Texas  +
Incentive/Cont3Zip 75024  +
Incentive/ContAddr 212 East 6th Street  +
Incentive/ContDept Public Service Company of Oklahoma  +
Incentive/ContEmail  +
Incentive/ContName Kerry Rowland  +
Incentive/ContPhone (918) 599-2657  +
Incentive/ContPlace Tulsa, Oklahoma  +
Incentive/ContZip 74119  +
Incentive/EnergyCat Energy Efficiency Incentive Programs  +
Incentive/ImplSector Utility  +
Incentive/Name AEP Public Service Company of Oklahoma - Non-Residential Efficiency Rebate Program  +
Incentive/ProgAdmin AEP Public Service Company of Oklahoma  +
Incentive/Summary Public Services Company’s High Performance
Public Services Company’s High Performance Business Program pays incentives to customers who install energy efficiency measures such as retrofitting existing equipment, new construction, major renovation, addition of new equipment, and end of life replacements for non-residential facilities that are located within PSO’s service territory. The program offers prescriptive incentives which pays a flat dollar rate per unit installed or a custom incentive for measures not available on a prescriptive list. The custom incentive pays $0.06/kWh and $175/kW for both energy and demand savings. Custom projects are capped at 50% of the project cost and 75% of the incremental costs for new construction projects. A project is not eligible if the payback is 1.5 years without the incentive. Interested customers can start the participation process by visiting website to obtain the necessary applications. Incentives can be paid to the customer or the contractor doing the work. The program offers a trade ally program to help customers find the contractors, engineers, and consultants to assist them in finding energy efficiency opportunities. The program also helps pay for Technical Assistance programs which provide detailed engineering analyses to determine the economics and technical feasibility of one or more energy efficiency projects within existing buildings. Design Assistance which offers detailed support to design teams on new construction projects when evaluating multiple efficiency options on a whole building basis. And the program provides Master Energy Planning services to governmental and educational facilities. In addition the program offers a Retro Commissioning to help customers identify and implement low-cost/no-cost improvements to operating systems within existing buildings. This program focuses on existing system performance rather than equipment replacement. There are two retro commissioning tracks available: Full RCx Services - available for facilities ≥ 75,000 sq ft with complex HVAC systems and controls. Enhanced O&M Services - available for facilities <75,000 sq ft and industrial processes. Incentives available to cover up to 50% of the cost of RCx study and are capped at $20,000 for Full RCx and $15,000 for EO&M.
000 for Full RCx and $15,000 for EO&M.  +
Incentive/TechDsc Central Air conditioners + , Chillers + , Custom/Others pending approval + , Heat pumps + , Lighting + , Lighting Controls/Sensors + , Motor VFDs + , Motors +
Incentive/TechDscOther Kitchen and Hotel equipment  + , Retro Commissioning Services  + , Technical Services for new construction design and existing buildings  +
Incentive/Type Utility Rebate Program +
OpenEI/PageDescription AEP Public Service Company of Oklahoma - Non-Residential Efficiency Rebate Program: energy incentive program.  +
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Place Oklahoma: Energy Resources +
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