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6in Water Tunnel
Available Sensors Acceleration  + , Acoustics  + , Displacement  + , Flow  + , Power conversion effectiveness and generation  + , Pressure Range(psi)  + , Thermal  + , Turbulence  + , Velocity  + , Vibration  +
Bandwidth(kHz) 100  +
Beam(m) 0.3  +
Cameras Yes  +
Channel/Tunnel/Flume Yes  +
Data Comparison to Computational Models Numerous Naval propulsor prototype designs with verification and Validation studies.  +
Depth(m) 0.3  +
Description National Instruments dynamic analyzer, 24-bit  +
Description of Camera Types Standard video synchronized with analog A-D NI data acquisition systems  +
Foaf/Homepage  +
Hydrodynamic Testing Facility Type Tunnel +
Integrated Display/Graphics Microsoft Windows based systems  +
Length(m) 0.8  +
Number of Color Cameras 5  +
Number of channels 128  +
On-Site fabrication capability/equipment Mutli-axis, NC machining; Unigraphics CAD; Prototype device design and manufacture; instrument design and manufacture  +
Other Data Capabilites State-of-the-art non-invasive flow diagnostics (PIV,LDV, LIF, flow visualization, optical vibrometry), dynomometer design and manufacture, advanced data analysis, regulatory quality testing and data analysis.  +
Overseeing Organization Pennsylvania State University (Applied Research Laboratory) +
Past Pertinent Test Experience Design, manufacture and test hydrodynamic turbomachinery for Naval applications; powering and energy extraction testing; material testing in cavitating environments; hydro and structural acoustic/vibration analysis and testing; advanced flow diagnostics  +
Pressure Range(Psi) Mar-60  +
Real-Time Yes  +
Recirculating Yes  +
Sector Hydropower +
Special Characteristics Yes  +
Special Physical Features Closed loop; Turbulence level = 0.1%; Pressure range = 3-60psi; Controlled cavitation = # >0.1; Control Air content = >1ppm per mole  +
Specializations, Capabilities, and Key Facility Attributes Not Covered Elsewhere Naval hydrodynamics, device health monitoring, composites R&D and manufacture, power systems; materials R&D with emphasis on marine environment survivability  +
TEAMER Capability Component and power testing, Composite bla
Component and power testing, Composite blade testing, Composite structure (non-blade) design and testing, Composite structure (non-blade) testing, Control systems engineering support, Finite element analysis (FEA) modeling, Fluid-structure interaction modeling, General component testing, High Performance Computing (HPC), Indoor water channel or flume testing, Mooring dynamics simulation, Power-take-off testing, Smooth particle hydrodynamics, Turbine hydrodynamics, WEC hydrodynamics, Array integration modeling, High-fidelity CFD
ay integration modeling, High-fidelity CFD  +
TEAMER Description The 6” Water Tunnel supports basic researc
The 6” Water Tunnel supports basic research experiments and sensor calibrations. This facility is a variable speed, variable pressure, closed circuit, closed jet recirculating water tunnel. Test Section Diameter: 0.15 m, Maximum Velocity: 21 m/s, Pressure Range: 20 kPa – 138 kPa absolute.
Pressure Range: 20 kPa – 138 kPa absolute.  +
TEAMER Facility Yes  +
TEAMER Facility Type Tunnel  +
TEAMER Webpage  +
Testing Capability Flow Dynamics + , Acoustics + , Performance + , Loads +
Testing Capability Type Device and Array + , Environment and Ecology + , Structural +
Towing Capabilities None  +
Types of Co-located facilities Larger Tunnel; Reverberant tank  +
Utility Services Available CFD, structural and flow acoustics and vibration  +
Velocity(m/s) 21  +
Water Type Freshwater  +
Wavemaking Capabilities None  +
Wind Capabilities None  +
Categories Testing Facilities
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Pennsylvania State University (Applied Research Laboratory) + Testing Facilities Overseen
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