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The query [[Category:MHK Instrumentation & Sensor Database]] [[DeviceType::Instrument]] [[Measurement::Presence (Animal Detection)]] [[Name::!RTsys SYLence recorder]]mainlabel was answered by the SMWSQLStore3 in 0.0090 seconds.

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MHK ISDB/Instruments/Aural-M2
MHK ISDB/Instruments/BlueView M900-2250 Dual Frequency 2D Imaging Sonar
MHK ISDB/Instruments/Chelonia C-POD
MHK ISDB/Instruments/GP Reciever
MHK ISDB/Instruments/InterOcean 902 Acoustic Listening and Calibration System
MHK ISDB/Instruments/Jasco AMAR G3
MHK ISDB/Instruments/Jasco Observer
MHK ISDB/Instruments/Jasco Ocean Sound Meter
MHK ISDB/Instruments/Kongsberg M3 Multibeam Echosounder
MHK ISDB/Instruments/Loggerhead DSG-ST Ocean Acoustic Datalogger
MHK ISDB/Instruments/Loggerhead Remora-ST Glider Acoustic Datalogger
MHK ISDB/Instruments/RE.MO. Buoy II
MHK ISDB/Instruments/RTsys BA-SDA14 Acoustic Recorder
MHK ISDB/Instruments/RTsys EA-SDA1000 Acoustic Recorder
MHK ISDB/Instruments/RTsys EA-SDA14 Acoustic Recorder
MHK ISDB/Instruments/ST1400ENV Noise Measurement System
MHK ISDB/Instruments/ST219-DAQ USB Interface
MHK ISDB/Instruments/Seiche Hydrophone Pod
MHK ISDB/Instruments/Seiche Single PAM Hydrophone
MHK ISDB/Instruments/icListen LF Smart Hydrophone
MHK ISDB/Instruments/microAural
The part "mainlabel" of the query was not understood. Results might not be as expected.