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The query [[Category:MHK Instrumentation & Sensor Database]] [[DeviceType::Instrument]] [[Measurement::Geodetic Position (Position)]] [[Name::!EvoLogics Sonobot Hydrographic Survey ASV]]mainlabel was answered by the SMWSQLStore3 in 0.0087 seconds.

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MHK ISDB/Instruments/AMEC CAMINO-108 AIS Class B Transponder
MHK ISDB/Instruments/AMEC CAMINO-701 AIS Class A Transponder
MHK ISDB/Instruments/AMEC TB560 Portable AIS
MHK ISDB/Instruments/AirMar G2183 GPS Antenna
MHK ISDB/Instruments/Comar CSA 300 Class A AIS Transponder
MHK ISDB/Instruments/Garmin GPS 18x
MHK ISDB/Instruments/Garmin GPS 19x HVS
MHK ISDB/Instruments/Icom MA-500TR Class B AIS Transponder
MHK ISDB/Instruments/Icom MXA-5000 Dual Channel AIS Receiver
MHK ISDB/Instruments/MTi-G-710 GPS Inertial Sensor
MHK ISDB/Instruments/POS MV Surfmaster
MHK ISDB/Instruments/RTsys BA-SDA14 Acoustic Recorder
MHK ISDB/Instruments/RTsys EA-SDA1000 Acoustic Recorder
MHK ISDB/Instruments/RTsys EA-SDA14 Acoustic Recorder
MHK ISDB/Instruments/Trimble NetR9 GNSS Reference Receiver
MHK ISDB/Instruments/Trimble SPS585 GNSS Smart Antenna
MHK ISDB/Instruments/Trimble SPS855
MHK ISDB/Instruments/Vector V102 GPS Compass
MHK ISDB/Instruments/Vesper Marine Virtual AIS Beacon
MHK ISDB/Instruments/Vesper Marine Watchmate 750 Receiver
MHK ISDB/Instruments/Vesper Marine XB-6000 AIS Transponder
MHK ISDB/Instruments/em-trak AIS A100 Class A Transponder
MHK ISDB/Instruments/em-trak AIS A200 Class A Transponder
MHK ISDB/Instruments/em-trak AIS B212 Tranceiver
MHK ISDB/Instruments/em-trak AIS I100 Identifier
The part "mainlabel" of the query was not understood. Results might not be as expected.