South Africa Long Term Mitigation Scenarios

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Tool Overview

"In March 2006, the South African Cabinet commissioned a process to examine the potential for mitigation of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions. The process was to be informed by the best available information. The aim was to produce Long Term Mitigation Scenarios (LTMS) that would provide a sound scientific analysis from which Cabinet could draw up a long-term climate policy. Such a policy would give South African negotiators under the United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change (UNFCCC) clear and mandated positions for their negotiations. It would also ensure that South African stakeholders understood and committed to a range of realistic strategies for future climate action.

The focus of this document is mitigation: if South Africa takes the decision to mitigate, then this document addresses how to determine the options, the emissions reductions achieved by these options, and the attendant costs of each option.

How, then, is South Africa to grow and develop in order to reduce poverty, while at the same time retooling its economy in order to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions?"

Knowledge Sharing

Since the completion of the LTMS, the Mitigation Actions Plans & Scenarios (MAPS) Programme has shared information on many of the technical modelling and process facets of the LTMS through papers, briefs and videos. These resources can be accessed via the MAPS resource library.


  1.  "Long Term Mitigation Scenarios"