South Africa-Integrating Sub-national Actors into National Mitigation Strategies Through Vertically Integrated NAMAs (V-NAMAs)

From Open Energy Information

Program Overview

Many future NAMAs will only be successful to the extent that the sub-national players who also carry responsibility – such as provinces and cities – are effectively involved in planning and implementation. The project’s goal is to develop an approach for vertically integrated NAMAs (v-NAMAs). The project will trial this approach in cooperation with national decision-makers in selected emerging countries (South Africa and Indonesia) and sectors (pilot v-NAMAs), and will use the experience gained to operationalise the approach to the point at which it can be made an element of international climate financing. The outcome will be an orientation framework containing proposals for the design of v-NAMAs that meet MRV and financing eligibility criteria.


  1.  "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)"