South Africa-Facility for Environmentally Friendly Transport Technology and Measures (TRANSfer)

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Program Overview

The increasing levels of greenhouse gas emissions produced by road traffic in developing countries are becoming a greater problem in efforts to prevent climate change. The project aims to provide practical support to developing countries on participating in technology transfer and developing nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMAs) in the transport sector. A handbook entitled Navigating Transport NAMAs, which is tailored to each target group, outlines the instruments and technologies available as well as the context for climate negotiations (e.g. NAMA and MRV requirements). In Indonesia, Columbia and South Africa concrete technical advisory services are being provided to demonstrate how these measures can be implemented. All lessons learned are documented and published online so they can be accessed worldwide.

2010 update - Caribbean project

"Launched in spring 2010, GIZ's Caribbean project is partnering with local governments, business leaders, academia, and civil society groups to develop low-carbon energy roadmaps. The project will include renewable resource mapping, technical and economic assessments, and a full-scope policy analysis of potential renewable energy sites and energy efficiency projects. The roadmaps will help industry and government officials to coordinate ongoing low-carbon development activities while increasing investor confidence in new projects in the region."


  1.  "Transfer Project"
  2.  "Low-carbon Energy Roadmaps for the Greater Antilles"