South Africa's Climate Change Technology Needs Assessment

From Open Energy Information


"This report is the outcome of a stakeholder-driven Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) to identify and assess environmentally sound technologies that will, within national development objectives, reduce the impact of climate change and the rate of greenhouse gas emissions in South Africa. The process of conducting the TNA was initiated by the National Committee on Climate Change, which mandated the Department of Science and Technology to manage the process.

Within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), developed country parties are required to cooperate with developing country parties in the area of technology transfer to address climate change. Technology transfer in this context refers to a broad set of processes covering the flows of know-how, experience and equipment for mitigating or adapting to climate change among different stakeholders such as governments, private sector entities, financial institutions, non-governmental organisations, and research/education institutions.

South Africa, as a developing country party to the UNFCCC, is required to undertake a TNA with respect to climate change and to submit the report of this assessment to the secretariat of the UNFCCC as a National Communication to the Convention. Once these technologies have been prioritised and the TNA Synthesis Report has been submitted to the UNFCCC secretariat, developed country parties can use the Report as a means to cooperate with developing countries in order to meet their obligations in terms of technology transfer with respect to climate change. This report indicates to our developed country partners what South Africa’s priorities are in terms of technologies to address climate change. It is hoped that this initial submission will facilitate the next, critical step, which is the development of specific implementation plans for the prioritised technologies. It is envisaged that this process will open up access to funds, create an enabling environment for the transfer and uptake of technologies, and highlight opportunities for research and development cooperation in this area."


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