Solar Day

From Open Energy Information


What is Solar Day?

Solar day is a day dedicated to our sun! As we all know, our Sun is the reason why there is life on our planet, however Solar Day is intended to recognize the growing market for solar power and the benefits to mankind by using solar power to reduce emissions, and create a more sustainable future by relying less on traditional forms of energy production like oil and coal.

The SolarDay Mission Statement

1 – To create a national and international day of awareness and celebration of SolarDay, including:

A – The many benefits of solar energy and energy independence,

B – The creation of more sustainable lifestyles and businesses,

C – The adoption of green and clean-technology that does not adversely affect the planet and the atmosphere,

D – Through SolarDay activities in the U.S. and worldwide experienced by hundreds of millions of people and governments with the objectives of 40 nations participating by 2014.

E – Gain official recognition of SolarDay by the U.S. government as an annual day of recognition of solar energy and the goal of energy independence as a fundamental part of citizen and business sustainability objectives for the country.

==SolarDay and Developing Countries==

Through SolarDay’s Light the Night™ and Solar Villages™ programs, use low-cost solar as a tool for beneficial changes in the developing nations who need electricity for the most basic of functions:

  1. – Provide electricity to pump clean water,
  1. – Provide electricity to process crops, enable telephone and internet communication, enable solar-generated, battery-powered lighting for adults and children in villages all over the world – from India to Indonesia, Africa to South America – to learn at night, conduct commerce and improve their lives.
  1. – Provide basic electricity and lighting to small villages currently without electricity and far from power lines for the most basic of needs which those of us in the developed countries take for granted.\
  1. – Work with solar manufacturers and the solar trade organizations in the developed countries in partnership with the United Nations, non-profit organizations and NGO’s to identify the areas of greatest need to implement these beneficial programs.