Solar Assisted Heat Pump On Air Collectors- A Simulation Tool

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Journal Article: Solar Assisted Heat Pump On Air Collectors- A Simulation Tool

The heating system of the bioclimatic building of the Greek National Centre for Renewable Energy Sources (CRES) comprises two heating plants: the first one includes an air source heat pump, Solar Air Collectors (SACs) and a heat distribution system (comprising a fan coil unit network); the second one is, mainly, a geothermal heat pump unit to cover the ground floor thermal needs. The SAC configuration as well as the fraction of the building heating load covered by the heating plant are assessed in two operation modes; the direct (hot air from the collectors is supplied directly to the heated space) and the indirect mode (warm air from the SAC or its mixture with ambient air is not supplied directly to the heated space but indirectly into the evaporator of the air source heat pump). The technique of the indirect mode of heating aims at maximizing the efficiency of the SAC, saving electrical power consumed by the compressor of the heat pump, and therefore, at optimizing the coefficient of performance (COP) of the heat pump due to the increased intake of ambient thermal energy by means of the SAC. Results are given for three research objectives: assessment of the heat pump efficiency whether in direct or indirect heating mode; Assessment of the overall heating plant efficiency on a daily or hourly basis; Assessment of the credibility of the suggested simulation model TSAGAIR by comparing its results with the TRNSYS ones.

Michalis Karagiorgas, Kostas Galatis, Manolis Tsagouri, Theocharis Tsoutsos and Aristotelis Botzios-Valaskakis

Published Journal 
Solar Energy, Date Not Provided



Michalis Karagiorgas,Kostas Galatis,Manolis Tsagouri,Theocharis Tsoutsos,Aristotelis Botzios-Valaskakis. . Solar Assisted Heat Pump On Air Collectors- A Simulation Tool. Solar Energy. (!) .